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20 Other Degrassi Ships I love in no order: 

Bianca Desousa and Adam Torres

This is another couple that had amazing potential and completely wasted. what’s worse after she outs him, she dates his brother? Anyways, I loved how Bianca was totes crushing on Adam, and I felt like they could have been on sweet bad ass pair. Oh the sadness. 


20 Other Degrassi Ships I love in no order: 

Fiona Coyne and Adam Torres

Ok I know Fiona is a lesbian, and I know Adam is a boy.. I know this, and I don’t want someone to comment telling me such, however I really shipped these two.I thought they were perfect. I found the chemistry amazing, and no one either worked with after could match it. They would have been so perfect together. I hate how they didn’t even get a real chance. Who knows, maybe somewhere down the road Annie and Jordy will star in something again as a couple. Cause god knows they were amazing. 


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Coldplay - Magic 

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